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Hair Removal

Whether it's your eyebrows, chin, upper-lip or that tricky spot underneath your nose, come in today and let our experts give you the royal treatment – because you are royalty.

Waxing Services

Waxing Members get 5% off of all threading services. 


Upper Lip$4
Full Face$32
1/2 Arm$16
Full Arm$28
1/2 Leg$20
Full Leg$36
Full Body Waxing$172


Upper Lip$5
Full Face$40
1/2 Arm$20
Full Arm$35
1/2 Leg$25
Full Leg$45
Full Body Waxing$215

Threading Services

Threading Members get 25% off on Full Face Threading & 10% Savings on Henna

Upper Lip$4
Chin $4
Forehead $5
Cheeks $10
Neck $10
Full Face$30

Laser Hair Removal

Coming Soon!

Everyone has facial hair, which may vary in thickness from person to person. Some of our clients have very fine facial hair that they prefer to remove completely while our other clients have thicker facial hair, which they prefer to simply groom in a way that flatters their natural facial structure. Our Cypress, Texas facial waxing services can be done with our cosmetic, salon-grade hard wax, which we melt in a sanitized pot and apply with disposable waxing spatulas. The wax is then allowed to dry and harden, at which point we will peel it off and remove the hairs at the root. Alternatively, if you have sensitive skin or prefer organic ingredients on your face, we can use sugar wax, which gently removes the hairs at the root.

Em Body Sculpting services

Upper Lip

Hair removal on the upper lip can be bothersome. While home depilatory creams offer a temporary solution, professional waxing ensures longer-lasting results. Our Cypress, Texas cosmetologists at U R Royalty will remove upper lip hair at the root, preventing thicker regrowth.

Iv Hydration Treatment


For personalized eyebrow care, our licensed estheticians engage in detailed consultations to understand your desired look. Whether it's defining the arch, targeting stray hairs, or thinning the brows, we cater to your preferences. Walk out with confidence and enhanced eyes after visiting us.

Body Sculpting


Chin hair removal needs vary, with thickness and length differences. Our Cypress, Texas salon uses premium wax to eliminate unwanted hair effectively, keeping it at bay for extended periods. Experience smooth, hair-free skin with our professional waxing services.

Celebrate Your Cypress Spa Events & Parties With Our Royalty Packages

At our Cypress, Texas med spa we make sure you look and feel like royalty by offering stunning manicures and pedicures, eyelash and eyebrow grooming, facial waxing, body sculpting, and Botox Injections/Dermal Fillers for all.

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We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your results, we will make sure to get it right.

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