Cypress Manicures and Pedicures

Manicures & Pedicures

U R Royalty is revolutionizing the Cypress, TX salon experience by setting a brand new standard for high-quality salon care. Our manicure and pedicure options are listed down below.

Manicures & Pedicures Pricing

Basic Manicure$15
Gel Manicure (starting)$25
Dip Nails (starting)$35
Acrylic Nails (starting)$40
Gel X Nails (starting)$50
Pedicures (starting)$30
Kid's Manicure or Pedicure (starting)$10

Standard Manicures & Pedicures for All

We make our standard manicures and pedicures available to parents while also offering a child-friendly experience with special kids-only pricing. Our Cypress, TX Manicures and pedicures begin with our licensed cosmetologists lightly soaking your nails in warm soap and water to soften the nails and the cuticles. Once softened, we will file the nails down to shape them, buff them, and clean up the cuticles. If you have thin and/or sensitive cuticles, we will be careful to ensure you don’t experience irritation by working gently. We will then follow with exfoliation and moisturization with a delicate oil and luxurious cream that aids in relaxation and replenishing your hands and feet. Indulge in the light fragrance knowing that you are well taken care of at our Cypress, Texas beauty salon.

*See the in salon brochure for prices for specialty pedicures

Shellac Nails


Upgrade your manicure or pedicure with shellac, which is long-lasting and gentle on the nails. Shellac is often confused with gel, but you can think of shellac as a specialty nail lacquer that is half gel and half regular polish. This combination keeps your nails chip-free for up to two weeks.

feet painted with red nail polish


Gel polish is the best way to keep your beautiful nails lasting as long as possible. You can expect a gel manicure and pedicure to last about 3 weeks because gel is thicker than shellac and therefore reinforced with extra strength.

bright red acrylic nails

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails, sometimes referred to as artificial nails or nail extensions, add length and strength to your natural nails and are available in several different shapes, including stiletto, coffin, squoval, and more. Acrylic nails serve as the perfect canvas for all kinds of colors and different patterns you could want, limited only by your imagination. If you opt for acrylic nails, we will paint them by creating a paste that we’ll then smooth over the extension to achieve your desired look.

Nail Art

Nail Art

If a few coats of color don’t completely satisfy your tastes, we also offer beautiful nail art in all kinds of styles to enhance your nails. Whether you’re looking for art that is cute, daring, or anything in between, our Cypress, TX manicurists are eager to put your personality into your nails.

Celebrate Your Cypress Spa Events & Parties With Our Royalty Packages

At our Cypress, Texas med spa we make sure you look and feel like royalty by offering stunning manicures and pedicures, eyelash and eyebrow grooming, facial waxing, body sculpting, and Botox Injections/Dermal Fillers for all.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your results, we will make sure to get it right.

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