Restart Healthy Weight Program

U R Royalty is revolutionizing the Cypress, TX salon experience by setting a brand new standard for high-quality salon care. Learn more about our Restart Healthy Weight Program and EMSculpting services.


Fat Burner/Energy Injections ($25 each)

Choose from the following:

  • Lipotropic (methionine, inositol, choline)
  • L-Carnitine
  • B-12
  • B-Complex

Choose Between the Following:

Appetite Suppressant with consultation and monthly RX


Injection Only Bundles
  •  2 injections weekly - $39.99/weekly
  • 3 injections weekly - $59.99/weekly
  • 4 injections weekly - $79.99/weekly
Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting

  • Body Sculpting with EMsculpt $95/30 min session (6 sessions recommended $570)
  • Body Sculpting Packages:
    • 6/30 min sessions (2x/weekly recommended)  $475
    • 4/30 min sessions (2x weekly recommended) $325

Restart Bundles

Basic Restart Package

  • $158/month (reg $164)
  • Appetite Suppressant - monthly
  • 3 injections - weekly

Restart Plus Package

  • $178/month (reg$199)
  • Appetite Suppressant - monthly
  • 4 injections - weekly

Complete Restart Package

  • $599.99/month (reg. $744)
  • Appetite Suppressant - monthly
  • 3 injections - weekly
  • Body Sculpt Sessions x 6/30min sessions

*Current labs needed for appetite suppressant

*Weight loss IV Hydration Package can be added to any Bundle for only $120.00

Burn Fat & Build Muscle in 30 Minutes

Em Body Sculpting services

Our Cypress, TX Salon offers the latest in cutting edge body contouring treatment technology. With our EMSculpting service, our clients can burn up to 30% of fat and add up to 25% of muscle with 5-6 sessions (30 minutes each). The EM body sculpting procedure has been cleared by the FDA, and has shown to effectively burn fat while toning muscles.

With the EMSculpting treatment, we can target specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and arms. In just one 30 minute session, the specific targeted muscle contracts 20,000 times. The best part about the body sculpting treatment is you can relax in our salon during the procedure. Better yet, you can even get a manicure or pedicure while you're at it.

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Body Sculpting

EMSculpting Pricing

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